From a caring point of view…

“Over the last few years I’ve volunteered with an organization that treats children’s basic dental needs in various countries where it’s needed most. After interacting with now over 25,000 children, I’ve come to realize how great of a product Rhino Guard is! It is effective, easy to use, and of course smells great!.”

— Abel Ramirez, Team Leader at KIDS (Kids International Dental Service)

From a mother’s point of view…

“This is so simple, yet phenomenal. Why hasn’t something like this existed already when so many people have sensitivities to various smells? No joke, I know my brother, who has an extremely weak stomach could have used this as a first time Dad when he had to change numerous diapers. Would sure be awesome to see a product like Rhino Guard Mask available to everyone and anyone who needs it..”​

— Adrienne Abiodun, CEO Genealogy LLC

From a traveler’s point of view…

“I travel for work and leisure. I spend much of my time in the airports and airplanes. Rhino Guard not only helps my stress with it’s calming scent, but it also helps protect me from getting the traveler’s bug so I can keep it moving!”​

— Alexis Cortez, Business Development Manager at Genetec Inc.

From a writer’s point of view…

“Looks like a great combination of common sense and a most useful item. There’s plenty of reasons to check this out, especially when doing the stinky jobs around the house.”

— David Garber, Author Hollywood Huckster

From a teacher’s point of view…

“Not to be too candid, but I think the Rhino Guard would be very helpful in the home health and rehab fields when nurses or home health care providers have to deal with incontinence and other similar types of ‘cleanup’ circumstances.”

— Jose Jesse Gonzalez, Educator

From the Rhino Guard point of view…

“Our mission is to add more protection and comfort by masking foul odors to help bring more quality in smelly tasks or that average day.”
“Our vision is to make Rhino Guard accessible for those who deliver service to communities across the world, helping to increase quality to their own mission.”

— The Rhino Guard Team, Innerlusion Inc.

Gina Aquino, RN-BSN

Gina Aquino is currently an emergency nurse and works in skilled facilities in Southern California.

Ruben, EMT, RT

After serving his country, Ruben has been an emergency medical technician in California, but now is currently a practicing respiratory therapist in Oregon.